At Dimah we pride ourselves on a rigorous business culture that is ingrained in everything we do.
Our value system is based on:


We endeavor to evolve and diversify ourselves and deliver results across wide spectrums while respecting the individuality of each entity. Every firm is different and we believe in the responsibility of recognizing and valuing the distinctive character it possesses.


Our aim is to excel in everything we do. Our company visualizes itself as being in a continuous journey where we place our standards high so that we are challenged to reach further everyday.


To provide an exceptional service one has to be credible. At Dimah conclusions are arrived at with great caution, having put through a process of great scrutiny and our actions reflect the thought that has been put into it.


In an industry where mutual commitments are seldom prioritized by other entities, our ability to win clients and have loyal customers stand as a testament to the value we place on building and maintaining trust.


Dimah Pvt Ltd is an asset management and advisory firm, operating to provide a value driven service to our clients by strategically identifying and formulating opportunities that would contribute positively to the growth and expansion of our affiliated entities.

The wealth of experience and knowledge accredited to Dimah, allows us to gain on unique insights across various aspects, ranging from micro management of individual routine tasks to representing our business interests in foreign countries for various purposes. Through our service offerings, our clients benefit by gaining an edge, otherwise not possible for them unless for our affiliation.


Becoming The Premier Investment Advisory and Capital Management Firm In Maldives.