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Resorts typically offer a wide range of products to their guests, including:

  • Toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion
  • Towels and linens
  • Robes and slippers
  • Snacks and beverages in the minibar
  • Sunscreen and other personal care items
  • Souvenirs and merchandise
  • Swimwear and beach accessories
  • Fitness and wellness products
  • Outdoor gear such as umbrellas, hats, and sunglasses
  • Local artisan goods and crafts

Resorts may also partner with local vendors to offer unique products and experiences to their guests, such as spa treatments, guided tours, and cooking classes. Additionally, some resorts may have their own branded products, such as clothing, accessories, and home goods, available for purchase.

Exo Trade

The effort vastly improved the company’s planning and execution functions, created and implemented a new stock policy that accounted for specific SKUs and key variables, streamlined the order preparation process and reduced distribution transport times.